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Wedding Hair and Makeup for Brides Who’d Never Settle

Our Team

When you book Blushing Brides for your special event, you aren’t just hiring a single makeup or hair stylist — you’re gaining the support of a full team of experienced artists. That means that unlike other freelance makeup artists, Blushing Brides can match you with the best artist for your specific style and needs, whatever they might be.

Whether you’re dreaming of glitzy, glamorous makeup or a natural, fresh-faced look, modern wedding updos for your bridesmaids or roaring 20s finger waves, we have the perfect artist for you! And since we work with a growing group of talented professionals, we always have an understudy waiting in the wings. Anything can happen on your wedding day, but you can be absolutely sure that your bridal hair and makeup team will arrive on time and be excited to get started.

That excitement is contagious, and we know it can be a big help to brides who may be stressing out on their big day. Although our primary job is to make you look stunning, we take it upon ourselves to make you feel polished, positive and filled with joy. This is the best day of your life, after all! Creating a positive atmosphere everywhere we go is a major part of our mission, and that’s why every single artist at Blushing Brides is polite, optimistic and above all, fun. To hear what real brides had to say about working with our artists, check out our Client Love page.

Our Star Artists Love What They Do


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Grace Mahoney, Owner

Head Artist, Hair and Makeup

There is something magical about watching someone in love. In love with a soulmate, in love with a job, in love with life, or just in love. I don’t know how I got so lucky because I get to see this magic every single day: May it be watching my artists have so much love for their work or watching my brides’ deep, deep love for their companions, in running this business, I get to live in love.

Regina Weldon

Principal Designer, Hair and Makeup

The moment I see a bride step into her dress, hold her bouquet and take her first look in the mirror to see her whole dream look come together — that’s definitely the part of my job I love the most. It’s so exciting to be able to share that moment over and over!

Liz Tucker

Principal Designer, Hair

People always assume it’s stressful to work with brides, but I couldn’t disagree more. What’s stressful about making someone look beautiful? My wedding clients have been some of the sweetest, most positive women I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Sam DeAngelo

Principal Designer, Hair and makeup

I love the atmosphere of weddings; full of excitement, happiness, and craziness all in one. It’s the best feeling in the world when you can love your job, love the team you work with, and love your clients too!

Mia Allen

Principal Designer, Hair and Makeup

I love bringing out a bride’s inner glow. It can only happen when she’s 100% comfortable and ecstatic about her look, so it’s always a big accomplishment and one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

Theresa Gallagher

Bridal Coordinator; Principal designer, Makeup

My favorite thing about being part of the Blushing Brides team is helping the brides through the planning process of hair and makeup so they can be the most beautiful version of themselves for their special day. There’s no better feeling than seeing a bride tear up when she faces the mirror for her big reveal.

Lauren Carelli

team manager; Principal Designer, Hair and Makeup

I love working with brides and trying a bunch of different looks so we can really experiment and find her look together! “Your life may not be perfect…but your hair can be!”

Maria Mahoney

Principal Designer, Hair and Makeup

My favorite part is hearing the “how they met story”… I always ask during the trial or the wedding and seeing my bride’s nostalgic face when she starts talking is priceless!

Sarah Mohamed

Principal Designer, Makeup

Self expression, I believe, is what a makeup application is all about. On your wedding day, to me there is nothing more gratifying or exciting than bringing each person’s truest, most beautiful form of self on such an important day!

Bree Rosemark

Principal Designer, Hair and Makeup

There is no better feeling than making a person look and feel beautiful. “Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Katie McGowan

Principal Designer, Makeup

The excitement and energy on a wedding day is immeasurable. To be part of making a bride and her wedding party feel their best on one of the most memorable days of their lives is just the icing on the cake!

Courtney Aldrich

Principal Designer, Hair and makeup

I love hair and makeup! It’s that last finishing touch that pulls all of the bride’s hard work and planning together. And when I see the excitement and joy on my bride’s face when she looks into the mirror it truly makes me happy!

Nicole Heney

Principal Designer, Hair and Makeup

I love being a part of my bride’s big day. It’s such an honor! I’ve never felt like I was “at work” while doing a wedding and nothing gets better than that!

Emily Phillips

Principal Designer, Makeup

There is nothing more rewarding than being part of a bride’s special day, especially when you are doing what you love! The smile and glow on a bride and her bridal party’s faces after applying makeup to bring out their best features and make them glow is something that never gets old.

Molly Leahy

Principal Designer, Hair and Makeup

I love the change of energy in the room when I make someone feel beautiful. The way they carry themselves, how they talk about themselves and how big their smile gets completely changes and it is the best feeling in the world for both of us!

Luciana Hipolito

Principal Designer, Makeup

Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful. There is no better job than getting to enhance the natural beauty of a woman on her wedding day.

Kettia Fenestor

Principal Designer, Hair and Makeup

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. Getting to spend that special day with so many brides is such a special feeling!

Lori Towne


When I joined the Blushing Brides Team as their bookkeeper, I didn’t just join a company — I joined a team. I’ve personally been a maid of honor, a bridesmaid and a bride so I know how important it is to have a reliable team at your side. At Blushing Brides, we definitely provide that, and I’m so proud to be a part of it!